For over six years now, Soze Beauty has been driven by one singular purpose: to create beauty. In all honesty, that journey had its ups and downs, but our belief that our clients’ wellbeing should be a priority kept us going strong all these years. 

Our motto is this: “taking care of yourself should not be a luxury but a necessity.” After all, everybody has the right to look and feel good – ain’t that right, ladies? 

Sessions tend to involve a train of beauty treatments. Each treatment serves to treat specific skin conditions and revitalize your overall complexion to near perfection. But besides providing our beauty services, we also lend an ear to all those who might need a little pick-me-up.

Your wellbeing is our concern, too.

About Soze Beauty

Professionally speaking, there is one common trait shared among us: attention to detail. After all, proper skin healing and rejuvenation requires a watchful eye and patience. This ensures our clients’ needs are fully met so that they can leave our beauty centre feeling rejuvenated and stress-free.

High-quality treatments are provided by some of the world’s most famous brands in the field of skincare and beauty. And that’s just the appetizer. Feel free to unwind, whip up a conversation, have a heart to heart maybe. Boosting your self-confidence and self-love makes our job all the more meaningful. 

Or as Zenja – the owner of Soze Beauty – likes to put it: “As a beautician, I’m nurturing your skin. As a psychology graduate, I’m nurturing your soul. As an entrepreneur, I’m heading a team of amazing individuals who provide nothing but quality service.

Beauty Treatments – Mind, Body & Soul

The moment you arrive, you will be greeted with an extensive range of facial treatments that serve to treat a wide array of skin problems – be it health-related or otherwise. Think blemishes, redness, oiliness or dryness. Our beauty studio uses nothing but medically-proven and all-natural cosmetics to alleviate any dermatological issues. 

Clients can opt for facial treatments, body treatments, laser hair removal, massages, body slimming, dermapen treatments – you name it! For the purpose of easier navigation, Soze Beauty divided its service into the following categories: 

    • Cleaning. Created for a face without blackheads, sebum, and desquamated skin cells.
    • Hydratation. Ensures that moisture and elasticity return to lifeless, dry skin. A skin that is hydrated ages slower and is less wrinkly. Put another way: all skin types can be dehydrated, especially if not taken care of properly.
    • Face-lifting. Serves to increase the production of new collagen, synthesis of collagen and elastin, and skin revitalization. It will make your face fresher, tighter, more elastic, which can also remove existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.
  • Blemishes & Wrinkles. Hey, stranger!
  • Laser Facial Treatments. Laser technology successfully treats persistent acne and pimples without leaving any scars and blemishes. In addition, capillary networks can also be effectively treated, as well as facial pigmentation. 

Our team of beauticians have years of experience in the cosmetic industry under their belt. We are a proud group of workers who take pleasure in honing our craft. With our attentive and positive energy, our goal is to ensure your consultations and treatment sessions run as smoothly as possible.

Educate Beauty

Education, practice, and mutual understanding remain the core values of Soze Beauty.

That is why we strive to create opportunities for our estheticians to attend training courses and seminars in order to improve their skills and future careers. Not only that, our clients might also pick up a few pro beauty tips and tricks.

Most importantly, we believe a responsible beauty centre should use ecologically sound products. We placed our trust in Babor because they uphold these tenets with their efficient active formulas, professional advice, and personalized treatment system.

Feeling Good Looks Good

The pursuit of beauty is a journey. There is no finish line. How we feel about ourselves is equally as important as how our Instagram photo turned out. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our services. Beauty is growth. 

Our goal is to provide the best beauty treatment there is. Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for a modern woman. You only have one skin, Soze Beauty will take care of it!