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Cultures happen in my experience. Our company hired people with skills even if they have different colors and as I can see the workplace has a good performance but lack of professionalism due to culture differences. But when I found out about the training course of the Diversity Memo, I immediately apply for a course. The results are perfect, now our workplace has respect to each other, professionals and the customer are valued. Your course is a great supplement for any workplace.

Patrick Miles

I am very satisfied with my decision to apply for the training courses in Diversity Memo. I used some of their courses Preventing Harassment and Discrimination Training and Culture Respect. Our workplace is better than before we take the programs, everyone becomes professional in their position, each is being respected and happy with their own performances. I believe that Diversity Memo training course has the caliber to compete with other workshops. Diversity Memo is the site which all businesses should consider to take their diversity training because of its comfort and effective teachings to the employees. We are now in the process of growing not only the business but also as an individual.

Derek Robinson
President & Founder of DeweyApp

Our company has been in the training process for 2 years in different workshops. When the company applies for Diversity Memo, and it’s our time to train, I thought the training are all the same especially the harassment training all boring and uninspired. However, after experiencing your training program, I am thoroughly impressed and inspired. It is updated and pleasant compared to other workshops we have been attended before. I give a 2 thumbs up for Diversity Memo. Keep up the good work and I am hoping that you can help more and more organization and companies in the country.

James O’Brien
Director of Corporate Training Group