Scottsdale, which is a city in Arizona, has a population estimate of 239,283. It is located in the County of Maricopa, and most people are faced with a challenge to understand if this place is an excellent area to live or not. This article presents to you an overview of Scottsdale to find out if one can live here.

Scottsdale is home to thousands of amenities

Sincerely speaking Scottsdale is an excellent place to live. The area is full of amenities right from restaurants, car parks, bars, sporting areas, hiking place to coffee shops.

This place is a great area to raise your family. The rate of crimes is minimal, so you are assured your family members are safe. Additionally, schools are in plenty at an affordable price.

Where to hike

For young persons who are in college or has just ventured in career, this place is home of fun, great areas of dining, shopping, and hiking. You can access the Old Town Scottsdale and the famous Mill Avenue, which you can visit at night.


Talking of hiking in details, which forms a great experience in Scottsdale, you can hike at Camelback Mountain. Come on who are you to miss this kind of amenities.


In terms of location, Scottsdale is centrally placed. If you like snowboards or ski, you got a chance to visit the Flagstaff which is about two hours hike to the north of Scottsdale.

You can also visit the beaches in California, which is just 5 hours walk away and the border of Mexico, which is only 4 hours walk.


The weather at Scottsdale is favorable on anybody. The area experience summer most of the time with a temperature that goes up to 110 degrees Celsius.

Who to contact to get a nice living house?


You can’t miss living in this place, especially when Jeff Barchi – Scottsdale real estate agent is there to ensure you quickly locate a home at an affordable price.


Scottsdale is just typical heaven on earth. Make your decision today and relocate into this place to enjoy a peaceful, comfortable, and relaxing living environment.