Since 2005, Character Options has held the master toy license to produce merchandise primarily inspired from the revived series of Doctor Who. The game involves players incorporating a brand new game system, designed featuring characters from the relaunch of the show. As of November 2010, a core rules box set, a Game Master’s screen, and a supplement entitled "Aliens and Creatures" had been released, with more due to follow in 2011. Published by MMG, this collectible card game involved players building a deck of cards from their collection and playing that deck against each other. The object of the game was to remove the opponent’s six Time cards before they removed yours.

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The deck card consists of attackers, defenders, locations and support cards which players can draw from. Count out 20 cards, face-down, and place them in the centre of the table. Place the End of the Game card face-up on top of these cards, then the remaining cards on top to create a draw deck. During the course of the game players will need to discard cards.

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These cards were considerably less expensive, giving them a wider market for fans. The set also included limited edition cards of all ten doctors. The game involves players representing the Ninth Doctor in an attempt to defeat the daleks. An electronic TARDIS piece provides instructions for the players throughout the game. This is the only game released to feature the Ninth Doctor.

  • RESOLVING CONFLICTS Conflict occurs whenever a Location card has both Defender and Enemy cards played against it.
  • The conflict should online card games be resolved as soon as the active player has declared which card or cards they are playing on the Location.
  • Once played, you cannot withdraw Enemy cards from an attack.
  • Note that you cannot attack a Location that is already under attack from another player, nor can you join with another player’s attack.

This would be accomplished by attacking the other player using cards representing the various Doctors, Assistants and monsters that had appeared in the original 26 series of Doctor Who. This Doctor Who card game has good pictures and also adds a unique “Whovian” twist to the playing. You can play as either the Doctor or one of his companions and the enemies include Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans.

It is a companion piece to the original Trivial Pursuit, so you need to play on your original board. However, it seems when it comes to small cash in card games Wallace tends to crap the bed. The last game from him like this I played was the Hobbit card game and it was abyssmal. Top toy makers have created a colorful array of baby-friendly board games for the littlest ones in the family. Help your toddler complete a chunky puzzle or geometric stacker, or teach them about food with a supermarket set.

Gameplay involves players attempting to avoid the Daleks while travelling around the gameboard. If players encounter a Dalek, he or she would be out of the game. This was the very first Doctor Who board game produced.

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The discard pile should be created next to the draw deck. On your Turn During the game players will take it in turns to perform actions, which will involve playing cards. You can never have fewer than three cards in your hand. Once you have finished your actions you must pass three cards to the player to your right. The number of actions you can perform in your turn varies depending on how many cards you are able to play, as you must always end your turn by passing 3 cards to the player to your right. Play continues in this manner until the end of the game.