Beauty Salon – Where Pampering Is A Priority

For over six years now, Soze Beauty has been driven by one singular purpose: to create beauty. In all honesty, that journey had its ups and downs, but our belief that our clients’ wellbeing should be a priority kept us going strong all these years. 

Our motto is this: “taking care of yourself should not be a luxury but a necessity.” After all, everybody has the right to look and feel good – ain’t that right, ladies? 

Sessions tend to involve a train of beauty treatments. Each treatment serves to treat specific skin conditions and revitalize your overall complexion to near perfection. But besides providing our beauty services, we also lend an ear to all those who might need a little pick-me-up.

Your wellbeing is our concern, too.

About Soze Beauty

Professionally speaking, there is one common trait shared among us: attention to detail. After all, proper skin healing and rejuvenation requires a watchful eye and patience. This ensures our clients’ needs are fully met so that they can leave our beauty centre feeling rejuvenated and stress-free.

High-quality treatments are provided by some of the world’s most famous brands in the field of skincare and beauty. And that’s just the appetizer. Feel free to unwind, whip up a conversation, have a heart to heart maybe. Boosting your self-confidence and self-love makes our job all the more meaningful. 

Or as Zenja – the owner of Soze Beauty – likes to put it: “As a beautician, I’m nurturing your skin. As a psychology graduate, I’m nurturing your soul. As an entrepreneur, I’m heading a team of amazing individuals who provide nothing but quality service.

Beauty Treatments – Mind, Body & Soul

The moment you arrive, you will be greeted with an extensive range of facial treatments that serve to treat a wide array of skin problems – be it health-related or otherwise. Think blemishes, redness, oiliness or dryness. Our beauty studio uses nothing but medically-proven and all-natural cosmetics to alleviate any dermatological issues. 

Clients can opt for facial treatments, body treatments, laser hair removal, massages, body slimming, dermapen treatments – you name it! For the purpose of easier navigation, Soze Beauty divided its service into the following categories: 

    • Cleaning. Created for a face without blackheads, sebum, and desquamated skin cells.
    • Hydratation. Ensures that moisture and elasticity return to lifeless, dry skin. A skin that is hydrated ages slower and is less wrinkly. Put another way: all skin types can be dehydrated, especially if not taken care of properly.
    • Face-lifting. Serves to increase the production of new collagen, synthesis of collagen and elastin, and skin revitalization. It will make your face fresher, tighter, more elastic, which can also remove existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.
  • Blemishes & Wrinkles. Hey, stranger!
  • Laser Facial Treatments. Laser technology successfully treats persistent acne and pimples without leaving any scars and blemishes. In addition, capillary networks can also be effectively treated, as well as facial pigmentation. 

Our team of beauticians have years of experience in the cosmetic industry under their belt. We are a proud group of workers who take pleasure in honing our craft. With our attentive and positive energy, our goal is to ensure your consultations and treatment sessions run as smoothly as possible.

Educate Beauty

Education, practice, and mutual understanding remain the core values of Soze Beauty.

That is why we strive to create opportunities for our estheticians to attend training courses and seminars in order to improve their skills and future careers. Not only that, our clients might also pick up a few pro beauty tips and tricks.

Most importantly, we believe a responsible beauty centre should use ecologically sound products. We placed our trust in Babor because they uphold these tenets with their efficient active formulas, professional advice, and personalized treatment system.

Feeling Good Looks Good

The pursuit of beauty is a journey. There is no finish line. How we feel about ourselves is equally as important as how our Instagram photo turned out. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our services. Beauty is growth. 

Our goal is to provide the best beauty treatment there is. Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for a modern woman. You only have one skin, Soze Beauty will take care of it!

How do Solar Inverters Work?

The more green energy harnessing and consumption increase, the more people turn to solar energy and, by extension, solar inverters. You cannot use solar panels without solar inverters. Inverters change direct current to alternating current that home appliances use, thereby keeping your devices safe and functional. There are different types of solar inverters suitable for different applications, but they all have the same functionality procedures.

Types of inverters

There are several types of inverters, which include off-grid inverters that are used in remote systems, grid-tie inverters that are connected to the grids, and battery backup inverters, which are made to get power from batteries. Another popular type is the microinverter, which smaller with more compact designs. has more information about the best solar panels you can choose for various purposes. Each type has advantages and disadvantages that you must consider before buying them. For instance, grid-tie inverters lose power when the grid loses power and thereby stop supplying power.

How they work

Solar energy is usually converted into photovoltaic cells to enable its use in home appliances. The cells are stored into a battery so they can be used when the sun is no longer available. An inverter converts the stored energy, which is usually in the form of direct current into alternating current to enable its feed into the commercial grid. An inverter, therefore, has two outlets, one for the direct current that inputs the energy and the other or the AC, which is the output.

Inverters have different capacities that you must consider when connecting panels to them. For instance, if the maximum input for the inverter is 5000 watts, you can connect it to 5000 watts solar panels. Current inverters have also had new technological functionalities installed in them. They can also monitor data and ensure the inverter operates at optimal levels.


The brand of solar panel you purchase will determine how well you can use it. Some companies provide additional services that include maintenance procedures and customer service processes that make them easier to use.

How Dugnad Tradition Shaped The Face Of Norway

If you are living across the seas, then you probably aren’t familiar with the dugnad tradition. For that reason, it’s quite challenging to describe the Norwegian culture to other people. In modern society, we can hardly imagine doing something for free, just to help others.

However, Norwegians have adopted this concept, and it’s the reason why their country is flourishing. To find more about this, head over to the latest article from Norgesbriketten, den store dugnad guiden, and discover their culture.

Now, to help you understand what dugnad really is, we are going to tell you more about this tradition.

What dugnad means?

This is one of those concept words we can hardly define in a couple of sentences because its meaning goes beyond anything we know. However, it represents the way of living, and it’s an integral part of the Norwegian people.


We can say that this is like some community day where people get together to clean, paint, repair, or fix things up. It mostly involves outdoor work and some sort of manual labor. Therefore, if you live in Norway and own a house in a community area, then you have probably heard about dugnad.

When does it start?

Dugnad mostly happens around the change of the seasons. For example, in autumn, people prepare for the winner, while in spring, they prepare for summer. 17th May is an important date in this country because on that day starts a month-long celebration.

Now when it comes to dugnads, people try to do things around their neighborhoods, arrange summer homes, mountain cabins, marinas, and even workplaces and schools. In this sense, dugnad knows no boundaries, and it’s a great way to help your community.

Each person here is a part of some community or a group, so their involvement might be required throughout the year. For instance, if you share gardens or a park with the members of your community, then it’s your responsibility to keep it organized and tidy. It is essential to mention that you aren’t alone in this process because everyone shows up and helps.

Setting up the world record

While Norway may only have 5.3 million or residents, they are quite competitive and take great enjoyment in setting up the world records. In the past, they hosted the world’s largest charity telethon, as well as the world’s largest youth football tournament.

This tournament attracted the youth teams across the globe, but they are dressed in the same suits, only carrying badges for their teams. On the other hand, they also organized telethon, which raised money for charity.


Additionally, each year more than 100,000 Norwegians knock on 2.3 million doors to gather money for charity and help their community. In this case, they want to help all people to be accepted and eliminate loneliness.

In some way, dugnad makes you feel like a good person for assisting others and, at the same time, makes the world a better place.

What Is The Age For An Electric Car

If you want to buy an electric car toy for your kid, and not sure of the model to buy, then this guide will help you choose the best electric car for your kid. The guide covers many aspects, such as the types, car features, and designs of the car model available.

Outdoor & indoor electric cars

The car toys on the market today can be used both indoor and outdoor. It’s recommended your kid to play outdoor for freedom of exposure. Outdoor playing is more fun for your kids.

Kids Electric Car Features


When buying electric cars, you will have a look at its features for simple riding. The following are some standard features to look at:

• Forward and reverse gears

• Key start

• Fully functional parental remote control

• Fully working lights

• 99% already built

• Foot accelerator

With the above features, your kid will feel at home.

Kids electric car models

The most common electric cars available in the market today are; BMWs, Audi TTs, Aston Martins, Toyota, Ferraris, and even Porsches. So, if you drive a BMW, you can buy your kid a car that resembles yours. Here you can read a review on BlackVue dual dashcam for your electric car.

Safe Driving and Maintenance

Electric Car

Most cars should be driven outdoor, but they can also be driven indoors in areas such as barns, large garages, etc. Your kid can drive on gravel, grass, concrete, or Tar-Mac. Ensure the electric car is fully charged before your kids go out for a drive.

Packaged and Delivered Ready to Go

When you buy an electric car, you will get the car itself, parental override remote, battery charger, a rechargeable battery, and an instruction manual. The car should require minimal maintenance if kept in good connections.

You should supervise your kids when using electric cars to avoid injuries. Buy your kid today an electric car, and he/she will enjoy hours of fun.

How Much Does Ac Repair Cost

Air conditioners are important systems in most homes out there. Therefore, when they get damaged, it will be nice to repair them to continue having a comfortable home. Not every person can conduct the repairing processes. It requires some skills to help you handle the equipment.

Importantly, you need to evaluate where the problem is so as to provide effective solutions at the end of the day. Air conditioning repair Miami has quality services that you need to consider.

Monitoring the system is a basic factor to consider. In instances where the equipment does not turn on or does not cool properly, then you should focus on the Winter Haven air conditioner installation. A company will always send an expert to help you navigate and solve the problem. The solutions may include maintenance or, in extreme cases, replacement may be advised.

Worker repairing ceiling air conditioning unit

Ice chunks can surround the outer and inner sides of the system. When such a thing happens, let it be known that it would be a great idea to consider maintenance so as to avoid repairing your equipment. You can always conduct a maintenance process on a weekly or monthly basis.

That depends on how tight your schedule is — ignoring all that can lead to the replacement of your device. Though, when working with your firm, it will always recommend and give some rules to follow. You can always consider AC installation Miami services anytime you want; that is the good part.

Malfunctioning of your equipment is something that you can always experience. However, chills air conditioning miami will always guide you on what you need. You may as well find professionals helpful when it comes to fixing issues like broken fans and low coolant levels. The experts are good at inspecting and fixing the problem.

Some people have no option but to consider repairing the devices alone. It may be a good idea if you are conversant with the reparation.

Though, it might not be unwise for those who know nothing about the equipment reparation. These devices require professionalism; hence, they can get damaged if they are not handled properly. Work with an expert if you do not know how to fix the issue. You will not incur the high costs of repairing.



When seeking professional help, it is advisable to ask for references and know for how long they have been into the business. A good reparation provider without any difficulty should provide a list of satisfied customers.

For the reparation processes to be effective, the specialist has to use specialized and modernized tools. Tools like gauges and Freon are useful.

Another thing that you need to make sure is checking whether the specialist is licensed or not. People are recommended to work with certified and licensed specialists only.

Colleagues and close friends can be of a great deal to you. They may offer you referrals and recommendations to assist you in getting the best provider or company. Getting a dependable firm or provider, it means that the services will be quality as well. Hence, it might be prudent to always keep on updating your relatives or friends about the new plans. Get their opinions and reviews from them; it matters a lot.

Are Kipping Pull Ups Easier Than Strict

So many individuals desire to not only work out their muscles but also be much fitter. The kipping pull-ups often target similar muscle groups besides coming in different variations.

This exercise is essential in lowering muscle strength and the mass demands needed to execute. This way, it becomes much easier for one to work out. However, is it easier than strict? Let us find out!

Muscular Hypertrophy and Strength

Whereas both types of pull-ups focus on building muscles and even foundational strength, kipping tends to use much lesser muscle strength and force production to complete any movement.

tia-clair-toomey-pull-ups (1)

The fact that the kip motion propels the body upwards contributes to using lesser strength. Both movements are vital in enhancing muscle strength with strict guaranteeing better muscle mass development. If you want to spend lesser muscle strength in this exercise, kipping will be ideal for you. Get More Information on the muscle strength degree here.

Gymnastic Skills

Kipping pull-ups are quite common in gymnastics and fitness training. Kipping is now a necessity in the overall development of any athlete.

Given how easy it is to master and even execute, it is a favorite mong so many coaches and athletes. It promotes both grip and muscular development. Despite not requiring extensive gymnastic skills, kipping is undoubtedly very effective, offering you the results that you so desire.

Degree of Difficulty

Both movements have their bits of difficulty. However, strict pull-ups are more challenging than kipping pull-ups. Strict pull-up requires more body strength, enhanced sense of body control as one hangs from the bar, and muscle strength. There is a sense of complexity and mobility needed when doing strict pull-ups.

Pull Up

Whereas both movements share similar goals, kipping seems to be much easier for many people. For this reason, it will be ideal for those that are not ready to spend much energy.

What Are The Best Impact Resistant Windows

Whether constructing a new home or choosing a remodeling job, windows are an integral part of each home or industrial construction. In the event the structure can be found at a hurricane-prone region, windows would be the ideal choice to guarantee safety and security.

The additional bonus of reduced power expenses and insurance premiums create impact windows the apparent option.

When picking impact windows, be clever: do the homework and compare the manufacturers. If business expertise, layout choices, security and durability are paramount. Below are the best Ocean Impact Windows Miami.


Andersen A-Series impact windows include Stormwatch Security, was surveyed to withstand corrosive aquatic ailments. Their impact-resistant glass expands missile launching experiments to guarantee the substance is capable of resisting High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

Window impact

Like most effect window producers, Andersen goods have concealed structural reinforcements that prepare them to get savage storms, however are especially crafted in varied finishes and materials to remain true to the origin of the title: Brick design.


Contrary to some of their opponents, Kolbe’s impact-certified Hurricane windows don’t have any mounts or observable rods essential to maintain the sash in place. Kolbe offers three string using hurricane-safe dividers — Ultra, Heritage along with Forgent.

When it’s their own Forgent series’ powerful Glastra, a proprietary hybrid of both fiberglass along with a UV solid aluminum, or so their Heritage K-Kron II’s outside coat, their glass is equally durable and productive.

This window producer’s site makes it easy to confirm the effect rating of every one of the goods to ascertain which end zones along with velocities each show is accepted to defy.

Weather Shield

Weather Shield provides Premium Coastal dividers to function Their guarantee is just one of the very best in category, together with flaws insured around 20 decades, or from wood decay on most of clad goods for 30 decades. Window Shield’s casements permits for at least 6,000,000 distinct configurations.



Like PGT goods, Origin’s impact windows satisfy Florida Compliance for nation construction codes. Their windows are completed with flush Frames, including warp and flex-free immunity against climate. Their hurricane Windows are ultra-secure, using a specially designed encloser lock, that Functions by engaging cams into window retains. Origin is exceptional in that they combine precision technology in the UK using US production, sourcing each of their stuff based on quality analyzing effects.

Is Scottsdale Arizona A Nice Place To Live

Scottsdale, which is a city in Arizona, has a population estimate of 239,283. It is located in the County of Maricopa, and most people are faced with a challenge to understand if this place is an excellent area to live or not. This article presents to you an overview of Scottsdale to find out if one can live here.

Scottsdale is home to thousands of amenities

Sincerely speaking Scottsdale is an excellent place to live. The area is full of amenities right from restaurants, car parks, bars, sporting areas, hiking place to coffee shops.

This place is a great area to raise your family. The rate of crimes is minimal, so you are assured your family members are safe. Additionally, schools are in plenty at an affordable price.

Where to hike

For young persons who are in college or has just ventured in career, this place is home of fun, great areas of dining, shopping, and hiking. You can access the Old Town Scottsdale and the famous Mill Avenue, which you can visit at night.


Talking of hiking in details, which forms a great experience in Scottsdale, you can hike at Camelback Mountain. Come on who are you to miss this kind of amenities.


In terms of location, Scottsdale is centrally placed. If you like snowboards or ski, you got a chance to visit the Flagstaff which is about two hours hike to the north of Scottsdale.

You can also visit the beaches in California, which is just 5 hours walk away and the border of Mexico, which is only 4 hours walk.


The weather at Scottsdale is favorable on anybody. The area experience summer most of the time with a temperature that goes up to 110 degrees Celsius.

Who to contact to get a nice living house?


You can’t miss living in this place, especially when Jeff Barchi – Scottsdale real estate agent is there to ensure you quickly locate a home at an affordable price.


Scottsdale is just typical heaven on earth. Make your decision today and relocate into this place to enjoy a peaceful, comfortable, and relaxing living environment.

Who Needs Digital Marketing

Talking about digital marketing, one may think that it is something that should be left alone for some particular group of business people. This is a myth that all should run away from. Some companies should never think of operating without digital marketing services.

Let’s have a look at some types of companies who will fail if they operate independently of digital marketing services.

1. Healthcare firm


It is prevalent to go googling to find out the source of a problem when you realize that you have some funny feelings on the body. This is wrong unless you are getting to the site with authentic information. Every healthcare firm should get effective digital marketing to be at an excellent position to sort patients’ problems without necessarily having to be there. You can have interactive websites or authentic blogs for interacting with your patients.

2. Law firms

Making legal information to target audiences is one way of marketing your services, and digital marketing for that matter. Blogging is one of the most effective strategies for digital services.

You can give legal information for a different situation to your prospective clients. When they get to solve legal problems, they are most likely to contact you in the hope that you will solve their problems. Without digital marketing, nobody will know that you exist. We are so glued on online platforms even to seek for life solutions. You have to be present in the online platforms. There are several digital marketing services company which can give you such solutions for your law firm.

3. Event planning and entertainment


This is also another type of company that needs digital marketing. Every business should be working towards getting clients where they are. This means that you have to be available online, which is where your prospective clients are. Invest in digital marketing to get clients. You realize that nobody has ever looked for you physically to offer them services. They will fist get you online them look for you physically. It adds value to investing in digital marketing.

How Much Does A Telephone Answering Service Cost

When it comes to making a company more successful, it may be useful to check into automating a variety of elements of the small business. By way of instance, most business owners and proprietors do not have enough opportunity to take a seat and answer each call and question that takes place.

No company wins if they create the incorrect impression, so employing a phone answering service may address that issue. If you’re interested in a means to ensure that you are able to see increased energy out of your own staff, keep them from the telephone.

Instead, seek the services of a phone answering service and possess a respectful, clean, professional digital Receptionist to answer your telephone for you. Possessing a secretary about all afternoon is a wonderful effort, but can you manage a fulltime worker? If you can’t, or wish to attempt to automate and automate as far as possible, then that is where to get started.

Make Sure Every Call is Answered


With the benefit of a phone answering service, you can hugely lower the calls you overlook at work. Not all of us have the best ‘telephone voice’ or mindset on the telephone, and it could readily frighten off people. To assist you avoid this issue, we advise that you seek the services of a phone answering service to get a more serene tone.

Precisely how much do you expect to have to pay to employ a telephone answering services? For a small company, it can be quite reasonably priced.

Typical rates at the best spanish and bilingual answering service start at approximately $ 10/month, using a $ 1/call speed added on top. That may be a fantastic speed, and even when one or even 2 calls come off at the entire month you’ll have over made your cash. To get a company just beginning, that may be perfect for turning more forecasts to prospects.


For a growing company, it is plausible to locate a service for Approximately 25 calls/month for only $ 25. Again, you’d ordinarily be paying approximately $ 1/call then, but this can be extremely economical also.

For companies moving upward on the ladder, then you can readily find telephone programs for 50-100 calls in just $ 1/call, using precisely the identical price for anything within that.

It helps your organization to flourish and develop while the men and women that make it successful can do exactly what they do instead of become part time salesman.

Because of this, then, employing a properly handled and Affordable phone answering service may only be a fantastic thing. If your Company has problems with the way that it can encounter, it is possible to address that issue immediately with the assistance of a phone answering service instantly.