There is a myriad of problems that you can encounter as you enter the world of motorcycles for the first time. Brands like MV Agusta have taken note of this, and produce particularly sturdy machines that don’t need much in the way of preventive medicine, That being said it’s important you be aware of how and why certain issues can come up in your bike’s performance so that you can take the right steps to protect yourself.

1.Poor handling

It’s pretty a frightening experience when you’re cruising at high speed and suddenly your bike isn’t steering the way that you need it to. It’s not uncommon for wobble in your handlebars to be the result of overinflated tires. Other possible issues are mostly tire-related, like improperly inflated tires, worn wheel bearings, or having misaligned tires.

2.Empty battery

If you’re not riding your machine every day, your battery’s never gonna get charged up. If you don’t ride your bike that often you must remember to charge your battery at home, lest you end up stuck at the house with a sad motorcycle that won’t start.

3.Breaking issues

You don’t want your breaks to quit out on you when you’re zooming down the highway and need to make a quick course correction. You can take care of this issue the same you would in preventing poor handling. Make sure your tires are always properly inflated and that you get the brake system checked out regularly. This is one of those problems that you cannot be caught off by, so make sure you’re doing right by yourself and keeping everything in order.

4.Bad milage

So you’re not getting the fuel efficiency you were expecting out of your ride. The issue might be the quality of your oil. Your oil is key to making sure your motorcycle is operating efficiently. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a change or aren’t putting good stuff in your bike then your mileage is going to suffer for it. A healthy diet and exercise are as good for your bike as it is for the body. Make sure you’re riding your bike regularly and sticking to the highway as much as possible. There your bike can roam free and not waste gas on navigating a tight and cluttered city.

5.Vibrating at high speed

Some slight vibration is normal if you’re cruising down at high speed, don’t get me wrong. However, if you risk losing control of your vehicle because of the rumbling you’re experiencing, something’s gone wrong. Looseness in any part of the bike can be the cause of issues like this. So if you’re feeling heavy vibrations, make sure you thoroughly check everything before you get back on the road.

6.Rapid tire wear

Burning through your tire treads? The wrong air pressure and a misaligned wheel can burn through your rubber real fast. Motorcycle tires wear out quickly so you have to check more often than you would with a car. No tread means no friction on the road and we don’t want that, especially in rain.

7.Chain Troubles

A whole variety of motorcycle problems can occur if you aren’t properly maintaining your bike chain. It’s important to keep the chain properly oiled or you’re going to risk the chain slipping or snapping. If your peddle’s on the metal when that happens you’ll be in real trouble, so oil that thing regularly.

8.Rubble in the machine

Cleaning your car regularly isn’t just about keeping up appearances. It’s easy for debris to end up somewhere in your engine if you don’t clean your bike often, resulting in any number of issues for you.

9.Gearbox damage

The gearbox in most motorcycles is built strong, but wear and tear can still occur. Continue to check your gearbox often. Even if the thing isn’t likely to break, when an issue does come up it can leave you on the side of the road


Last on the list of motorcycle problems is alternator failure. Your alternator can quit on you out of nowhere and at that point, it’s a race against time to get where you have to be. It’s hard to predict when an alternator might fail, however. The best you can hope for is to look for stuttering performance before your bike quits out on you.