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Welcome! We are the Diversity Memo which can help your workplace have a better performance that drives innovation. You can apply for your courses online or visit our headquarters which has a newly renovated custom garage door in Wisconsin.

In today’s industry, there are many people who do not understand diversity and even goes against it. It seems the picture of it doesn’t appear beautiful on them. But we on Diversity Memo, we strive to promote diversity as we have a wealthy understanding about this matter.

We study and implement it first to our company before letting someone teach about diversity. We just prove to ourselves first before sharing them on to you.

What We Do?

Companies with a broad range of employees have skill sets, experiences, and perspective. You have to learn the diversity in your organization and companies but don’t just implement it because it is a rule or it is for diversity’s sake.


Promote the diversity in your workplace because diversion workforce is much better and stronger not only that it will help you adapt to each other culture and gender. The purpose of the Diversity Memo was to provide training materials and recommendations that will improve your workplace diversity.


Our courses offer strategies to create a diverse workforce that will drive innovation and exceed expectations. These materials came from the company which is experts and leading in the diversity efforts. This will also explain the significance of diversity in general.


In fact, using our courses will not just improve your workplace, it was to appreciate the differences between the culture and the gender as well as to understand the value that diversity has something that can lead to growth and innovation. And of course, this manners and knowledge of your employees is an attribute that could be valuable to their future.

Diversity is the key

Cultivating diversity knowledge is an essential component of every organization and company.  At Diversity Memo, participants will be able to use strategies to make the cultures and gender that you have in your company will be adapted. It will help the participants understand what diversity really means and how you can create a more diverse environment in your workplace.

There are lots of useful instructions such as active listening and questioning techniques. We suggest choosing the right course of diversity for your company as it will help a lot to your employees’ communication, professionalism, respect and most of all your business will be strengthened.

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About us

If growth and innovation of your company are your priorities then, make it happen! Learn, implement and embodied the diversity courses of Diversity Memo and be one of our satisfied clients. We offer a free consultation and free guide for you, email us and we will respond immediately to help your people and your company.

Our mission

Kindly browse through our websites to know more about Diversity Memo. All you have to know will be answered in this site, but of course, you can ask us more if think that you are still baffled. Our contacts may view in our contact page. Thank you!


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